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Spring Cleaning Y'all

MICC is very busy with work on the cabin & preparations for replanting the island after a massive cleanup of invasive vines & shrubs.

The tired, neglected cabin continues to be restored inside and out. We now have strong foundation piers, fresh paint & trim in the living space, a high-efficiency wood stove, composting toilet, kitchen cabinets with gorgeous quartzite countertops, sinks, and a rainwater catchment system. Our solar power system will soon power new interior lighting.

We are nearly finished clearing the island’s invasive plants so hundreds of tree & shrub seedlings can be planted beginning April 4th. Two-person crews will set the seedlings and protect them from deer with wire cages for their early years of growth. Please email us if you can help us get this done quickly! Weekday workers are particularly needed. This past year has been amazingly fertile with fresh ideas, a lot of hard work completed, and the realization that this island is becoming an exceptional addition to Cabin John’s environs. It complements the towpath and provides beautiful views of the river in a natural setting that invites contemplation, hiking, paddling, good food and drink, and relaxation only a few minutes & strokes away from our busy Washington world. Visit, help, and enjoy. Rob Bragan (orange kayak), Natural Resources Committee Chair PS: We are in search of a fundraising chairperson! Please let us know if you or someone you know might be the right fit!



Toby Thompson
Toby Thompson
Aug 07, 2023

A minor addition to Judy's history: the lockhouse was occupied by a government employee during the early to mid-1950s. I remember him and if I put my mind to it, might remember his name. --Toby Thompson


Amazing progress. Keep up the good work.

Maury Mandel

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