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About Minnie's Island Community Conservancy (MICC)

A Legacy Steeped in Nature and History

Since its inception in 1904, Minnie’s Island has served as a sanctuary, intertwining its lush landscapes with the stories of its remarkable custodians. From the passionate environmentalist Clarence Shoemaker, who dedicated his life to studying the natural world and advocating for its preservation, to the creative spirit of Elizabeth Kent, whose art and philosophy were deeply rooted in the serene beauty of the island. The legacy includes the intellectual prowess of Sherman Kent, a Yale professor and esteemed CIA analyst, and the political activism of Margaret Reuss, alongside her husband, Congressman Henry Reuss, who fervently worked to protect our natural vistas. This rich tapestry of conservation, art, education, and public service was beautifully honored when the Reuss family and Bobbi Miller entrusted Minnie’s Island to the Potomac Conservancy in memory of Christopher Reuss. 

Our Mission and Vision

The Minnies Island Community Conservancy (MICC) mission is to restore, protect, and maintain Minnie's  Island. Our vision is to engage the community in making the Island an inviting, accessible, and safe environment for nature-based recreation, social connection, education, conservation, and scientific research. 

Welcoming Our Community

Located near Lock 8 of the C&O Canal in Cabin John, MD, Minnie’s Island spans 8 acres of natural beauty that is both privately owned and generously open for public enjoyment. While we cherish the involvement of volunteers and the presence of invited guests, public access remains a priority, balanced thoughtfully with the necessity to preserve the island’s pristine conditions. The journey to the island itself is part of the adventure, requiring a brief watercraft trip that connects visitors from the bustling world to our tranquil haven. To ensure safety and compliance with Maryland regulations, MICC upholds guidelines for watercraft use, including the mandatory use of personal flotation devices.

In embracing the vision of our founders and the legacies of our storied past caretakers, MICC remains devoted to creating an inviting, accessible, and sustainable environment on Minnie’s Island. Our commitment is not just to preserve a piece of land but to sustain a legacy of conservation, education, and community engagement that will continue to inspire future generations.

You can read about the history of Minnie's Island in this article from The Washington Post:  A Gift in the Potomac for All of Washington


MICC has been approved by the IRS as an IRC Section 501 (c)(3) charitable organization.  Donations to MICC are now officially tax deductible. 

July 30, 2021

May 2021

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