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Harmony in Nature: Minnie's Island Conservancy Connects at the 53rd Cabin John Chicken & Crab Feast!

The annual 53rd Cabin John Chicken and Crab Feast was held on Saturday, September 16th and Minnie’s Island Community Conservancy was there to join in the fun and comradery. Board member Juliet Rodman hosted our booth filled with Minnie’s Island Treasures.

There were games to be played, T-shirts to be won, as well as a multitude of Minnie’s Island native species specimens to admire. Everything from walnuts and bladder nuts to persimmons and Osage oranges. The most popular specimen was the large pair of deer horns left by our resident white tail buck who no longer needed them after mating season!

Check out one of the games we utilized to teach our younger community members about the nature found on Minnie's Island. This puzzle can be used to play a matching game or the next time you are out on the Island use it as a scavenger hunt! Get the puzzle here!

Our goal was to cement the mutually beneficial synergy between Cabin John and Minnie’s Island. Many board members were present to talk with our neighbors and share opportunities for everyone who may be interested in nature conservancy, recreation, volunteering, SSL hours and social engagement on the Island. A good time was had by all!



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