Wilderness is Minnie’s very special treat to us. Here the bend in the river complements the arc of the sun, lighting up the gorge at sunrise and sunset.  Within this beautiful natural setting – less is more.

About Minnie's Island & MICC

Minnie’s Island, in the Potomac River near Cabin John, Maryland... eight acres of boulders, trees, plants, and wildlife.  At one end of the island sits a wooden cabin with a large deck.

The Minnie’s Island Community Conservancy (MICC) is dedicated to the preservation of the ecological, architectural, scientific, and humanist legacy of the island.

MICC has been approved by the IRS as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  With this approval, your charitable contribution is tax-deductible.  We rely on donations to fund our operations. Please donate if you would like to help.

MICC relies on volunteers to maintain and promote stewardship of the island.


- All trails have been cleared, providing access to the island’s north and south banks, view sheds of the Potomac River looking south and the North Channel to the north.
- 11 American Chestnut Trees, donated by the American Chestnut Foundation, have been planted throughout the Island.
- A rigorous Natural Resources Management Plan has been developed, establishing guidelines for the proper stewardship of the island.
- Close to 50% of the Cabin’s foundations have been replaced.
- George Mason University’s Environmental Science and Policy Department conducted a day-long
“-Bioblitz” on Minnie’s Island. An iNaturalist page has been created documenting the biodiversity of Minnie’s (www.Inaturalist.org)
-The Well Head has been reconstructed and is ready to receive a manual well pump in the Fall of 2022.
Minor modifications to the cabin’s floor plan are in the works to accommodate the long-awaited
composting toilet.

-Our List of Interested Folks has grown to 230 individuals, many of whom have visited the island.
-Our surrounding communities and families are starting to access Minnie’s Island for picnics, recreation, and camping.

July 30, 2021

MICC has been approved by the IRS as an IRC Section 501 (c)(3) charitable organization.  Donations to MICC are now officially tax deductible. 

May 2021

The Potomac Conservancy agreed to convey the Minnie's Island property and improvements to MICC later this year.

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